The eForce™ line of eccentric strength training equipment is currently comprised of the eForce™ 250 and the eForce™ 350. The functionality is identical in each unit as both are capable of off-loading weight during both the eccentric and concentric phase of any repetition if programmed to do so. The only difference is the motor size which dictates the maximum allowable assistance provided – 250lbs or 350lbs. The value of having this capability is:

Precision Eccentric Overloading: Chains, Bands, Manual Assistance are antiquated eccentric training methods which do not allow for the ability to precisely and safely load an athlete due to the ever changing load variable throughout the entire repetition. With the eForce™ technology, you can precisely load the lifter with the desired amount of weight in both the eccentric and concentric motion with the knowledge that the load variable will remain constant throughout the entire set – on every repetition.

Safety: Our technology is designed to provide the safest environment for the lifter. For example: If for any reason, a lifter was unable to raise the weight during the squat, the eForce™ will lock and allow for the weight to “hang” suspended in air and not come crashing down onto the lifter. The cable and bracketry that attaches to the barbell is rated for over 1200lbs.

Time Savings: You can switch between users, who have different strength capabilities, without the need to change the weights on the barbell by using our easy to use Touch Screen Interface. This will allow more users in less time.



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