Revolutionary Eccentric Strength Training Solutions for Professional, Collegiate, and High School Athletes.

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What Makes eForce Equipment So Effective at Creating Stronger and Healthier Athletes?

eForce™ 250 and eForce™ 350

The eForce™ line of eccentric strength training equipment is a patented, state-of-the-art computer controlled, mechanical device that, when attached to any squat or half rack, provides the ability to offload a precise amount weight from the barbell in both the eccentric and concentric motion of every repetition – allowing for maximal neural recruitment to muscle fibers of the targeted muscles. When properly deployed; unprecedented strength, power and muscular endurance will be achieved – without creating unnecessary wear and tear on the connective tissue in the joints – allowing for stronger and healthier athletes throughout any given season.

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Mike Barwis Explains Why He Uses eForce

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